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NAAIS is an organization made up of inventory service operators JUST LIKE YOU.

Members are from all over the country and many specialize in particular segments of the inventory business. For example, some only inventory convenience stores, some only hospitals, some only financial inventories. Others inventory everything, from warehouses to retail stores to pharmacies and hospitals to auto parts, sporting goods, etc. 

There is experience to draw upon, for any questions and situations you may need advice.

In addition, the NAAIS meetings include training on subjects to help you continue to manage and grow your own business. Subjects in the past have ranged from human resource issues to regulatory issues to how-to subjects, etc. 

Being a member of NAAIS can also enhance your own reputation. In general, trade organizations sort out the so-called bad apples through self-regulation. Being a member of NAAIS can help assure your current and future clients that you belong to an organization that only works with best operators.

The best part of the NAAIS meetings, however, is the camaraderie of the group. Probably more is learned from each other after hours than during the meetings. It’s also important to remember that you aren’t “out there” all by yourself. You have the support and encouragement of the entire organization.

Lastly, the network of operators across the country can finally help you tackle the larger accounts. By working with your fellow NAAIS members, you can finally get that group of stores that have locations throughout the region or nation.

Ready to take the next step and become a NAAIS member?

Simply fill out the contact form on the right or fill out the Membership Application. 

North American Association of Inventory Services

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