North American Association of Inventory Services

This is the official web site of the North American Association of Inventory Services (NAAIS). NAAIS is a network of regional, independently owned companies known for providing high quality inventory counting services to all types and sizes of businesses throughout the World.

NAAIS was formed in 1981 in order to offer businesses additional options in respect to their current physical inventory counting program. Member companies carry the reputation of offering high quality counting services with solid reliability day after day. The NAAIS membership group now consists of companies spread throughout USA, Canada, Europe, Far East and Austrailia -st NAAIS member companies are owner operated lends itself favorably toward providing clients with the highest level of customer service in our industry and is evidenced by the explosive growth and high demand for our services. 

Our expertise lies within the ability to develop and adapt conventional inventory counting methods into a program that matches your company’s requirements and timetable. 

Service rates are highly competitive and set by individual companies based on exact criteria of each customer.

We have made it easy to learn more about our organization, its members, and the benefits of using a NAAIS company. Simply click the Contact NAAIS button at the top of the page. NAAIS companies have network capabilities to provide nationwide service. 

NAAIS members look forward to performing your next inventory count and assure all of our clients our commitment in providing the best inventory service available anywhere in today’s retail marketplace. 

While NAAIS strives to develop and promote professional standards and ethics, NAAIS and its Officers and Directors do not imply any guarantees and will be held harmless from any actions of its independent members.